Early video of Herb and other poets

Herb has a long history of poetic performances.  Here’s the first one he gave at Central Michigan University in 1972.  The audio quality is not great, but we have a reel-to-reel recording from the same event.  What’s especially delightful about that recording is the gleeful laughter you can hear by Herb just before and just after he addresses the crowd.  It runs an hour and 21 minutes.

Herb came back to teach for a semester at CMU in the Fall of 1973.  He gave a reading in the Kiva.  It runs and hour and 36 minutes.

In his association with CMU and Ron Primeau, Herb helped to organize a reading by leading Black American poets including Etheridge Knight, Raymond Patterson, Mari Evans, and Dudley Randall.  It runs two hours and four minutes.